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Jul 21, 2020

Earlier this year, many students suddenly found themselves learning virtually from home.  While e-learning existed long before that, it instantly became the primary method for education delivery across much of the world.  In this episode, I speak to Doug Thompson, storyteller, TEDx Speaker and Technology Strategist Director for the Education team at Microsoft, about how expanded virtual learning provides great opportunities for better access to education, but also challenges as we navigate e-learning at scale.


Doug Thompson is a passionate storyteller and TEDx speaker. He can be found sharing his passion in his LinkedIn videos and mentoring other professionals develop their storytelling skills. He believes that everyone has a story and it is just a matter of unlocking it from the grips of the subconscious mind. Like all superheroes he has an alter ego as an AI Ambassador and Technology Strategist Director for the Education team at Microsoft. In these roles he leverages his storytelling skills to share how Microsoft technologies can transform the student experience to empower teachers and students of today create the world of tomorrow. Doug and his wife, of more than 37 years, enjoy spending time with their two children and 7 grandchildren whenever possible. He is also a retired triathlete and is a 2-time Ironman Triathlon finisher and now plans on being the next Ninja Warrior known as “The Great Baldini”.


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