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Nov 25, 2020

Meaningful feedback can be a gift that can help us work at our best.  However, ineffective feedback can lead to unintended consequences, such as employee disengagement and an inability to work at our best.  In this episode, I speak to Dr. Kelly Waltman, Founder and CEO of SLR Leadership Consulting, about the importance of effective feedback, how to structure it in a way that leads to better performance, and why effective feedback is critically important to our personal and professional growth.


Dr. Kelly Waltman is the Founder and CEO of SLR Leadership Consulting, LLC. She has over twenty years of professional development and public speaking experience. From the classroom to the board room, she has designed content for groups of all sizes and in a variety of settings. She also brings over a decade of managerial and leadership experience to her work. Her consulting work focuses on business communication and cultivating a feedback culture within an organization. In addition to her work with SLR Leadership Consulting, Kelly founded She Leads and Reads, a monthly book club and content curation site focused on personal and professional development books.



Cost of ineffective communication costs $37 Billion across US and UK


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