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Sep 30, 2020

How has your business been impacted by this year's events? Have you successfully pivoted toward a better future, or are you one of the many business leaders that is looking for real solutions to the hard problems your business faces?  If so, my next guest can help. In this episode of Humans, Now and Then, I speak to Ford Saeks, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Author and the President and CEO of the company Prime Concepts, about how to market to customers effectively, how to adjust course in difficult times, and the personal accountability that each of us has in creating our own success.


Ford Saeks has redefined the formula for business success. His efforts have helped companies generate a total of over a billion dollars in sales worldwide. From start-ups to Fortune 500’s, Saeks is widely recognized as a Business Growth Innovator. With over 20 years’ experience (ranging from retail to wholesale), he has founded over ten companies, authored four books, awarded three U.S. patents, and received numerous industry awards. Tenacity and innovation are what fuels this revenue-generating powerhouse. From grassroots to Google, Ford provides his clients with fresh perspectives and doable tactics to resolve marketing, operations, and growth challenges. As President and CEO of Prime Concepts Group, Inc., an integrated marketing services firm, Ford specializes in helping businesses attract loyal and repeat customers, monetize social media, and ignite creativity. Learn More about Ford Saeks at



Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and Author W Mitchell::

The acronym C.R.A.P. is used to outline the principles of graphic design :  Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity:

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Fordify TV: Fordify Your Business #Fordify TV


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