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May 6, 2020

Occasionally, each of us experiences a conversation that is deeply honest and meaningful.  This episode's conversation is just that.  I speak to Erik Eklund, the founder of Connecting Humans, about the importance of meaningful relationships in our lives, and the power of human connection.

Erik's Bio:

Erik is the Founder of Connecting Humans, which is on a quest to put an end to this silliness of separating and limiting one another because one is black or white, woman or man, rich or poor.  Erik and his team guide leaders on how to engage people and connect humans online, on stage and one-to-one with a personal leadership style, telling their authentic story, to further their impact.




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Some of the research related to social connection virtually vs. in-person:


How social media use contributes to imposter syndrome:


Music by Ryan Sullivan.  Contact: