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Oct 7, 2020

We often think of employees or coworkers in the context of their role, as we work with developers, marketers, managers and others to complete our company's goals.  However, what if we made the shift from thinking in terms of what we do toward something more meaningful, who we are, as humans? In this episode of Humans, Now and Then, I speak to Mark LeBusque, author of 2 books and the founder and director of, about how focusing on what we need as humans can help us thrive in the workplace.


Mark LeBusque is the founder and director of and is known for his fearless and pragmatic approach to humanising managers and workplaces. Mark is a sought after coach, facilitator and speaker, has published two books and attended Harvard University to study the Adaptive Leadership Framework.  


Prior to creating, Mark has experience in operations, sales, human resources and general management roles over a successful 25 year career. Go to to learn more about how Mark can help you humanise your workplace.  



Benefits of an engaged and happy workforce:


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