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Aug 6, 2020

Traditional leadership is on its way out. /music/ We are well into the dawn of more compassionate styles of leadership that value the strengths and needs of those that we lead. At the forefront of this transition is Mike Vacanti,  founder of the HumansFirst Club and the author of the leadership book Believership. I kick off the second season of Humans, Now and Then with a raw conversation about the evolving concept of leadership, now and in the future.


Mike believes, “It’s more than what we accomplish – it’s who we become along the journey!”

His mission is to Lift Others, helping people discover their potential, embrace a growth mindset and achieve at inspired levels. Mike has transformed businesses and inspired people to perform at levels they didn’t think possible.

Mike is known as a great listener and collaborative, creative problem solver. For generating speed and confidence through innovation and transformation. His current endeavors as advisor, consultant and keynote speaker, are shifting the belief in what is possible and opening hearts to a better vision and future of business around the globe.


Sharing his extensive career of invention, reinvention and highly complex business combinations, he consistently delivers on the belief that the heart of any organization is People – People drive results. Mike has released his new book, BELIEVERSHIP: The Superpower Beyond Leadership, and is the Founder of

HumansFirst. Following many years in advertising and marketing, He launched early stage start-ups; led A initiatives for publicly traded tech companies. Five times he was thrust into the chaos of transformation and helped people

navigate the doubt, fear and chaos of significant change. His teams exceeded expectations, consistently beat the challenge, learned a lot and had some fun.



Mike and I discuss an exercise led by Isabel Hundt at a HumansFirst event.  Learn more about Isabel at


Music by Ryan Sullivan.  Contact: