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May 8, 2020

Music is an important aspect of the human experience.  It serves as a way for artists to express themselves, but also provides an avenue for human connection, immersing us in a range of emotions that can shape how we experience the world.  In this episode, I speak to Ryan Sullivan, a recording artist, DJ, marketer and podcaster, about the artist's perspective on evolving technology, the power of music, and the importance of individual expression in music.

Ryan's Bio:

Ryan R. Sullivan is a multi-passionate 21 year old recording artist, DJ, marketer and podcaster. His talents are wide ranging from rapping, producing and engineering his own music to marketing for personal brands. Ryan is obsessed with learning and inspires others to be the same way through his pursuits. In late 2018 he quit his day job to continue his education and focus on his goals: to become a professional podcaster and recording artist. Today he continues to spread information through his music and podcasts by creating "Podcast Principles"; a full service podcast creation company for brands and businesses.


IG, Facebook, YouTube: SullyBop

Twitter: @TheSullyBop


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