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Sep 24, 2020

What if we dare to envision a future that is not defined solely by technological innovation, but rather by joy? In this episode of Humans, Now and Then, I speak to Rod Banner, CEO of the company 3LA and Founder of the JoyTech project, about the dawn of Partnerism, the benefits of striving for a more joyful world, and how the leadership of the future can help get us there.



Rod is a relentlessly forward-thinking entrepreneur. A Brand Marketer who became a technologist, he learned how to build brands and sharpen messaging. Today, he is laser-focused on the actual architecture of businesses – their culture and their core value propositions.

His consulting firm, has created a phenomenal team of luminaries to optimise Proposition Architecture, Brand & Business Design and Marketing Performance. He has founded and exited multiple businesses and mentored countless tech industry luminaries. 

Rod has been acknowledged as part of the TechCity Insider 100 list, the Fresh Business Thinking Power 100, The Maserati 100, The Smith & Williamson Power 100 and GQ’s list of the 100 Most Connected Men in Britain. He is a member of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists and a fellow of the RSA.

Rod also Chairs WPP’s brand hub, Adgistics and sits on the board of The Sound Agency. But his passion project is – a growing community exploring how tech can bring more joy to the world.



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