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May 4, 2020

Our work and our lives have recently been disrupted in unprecedented ways.  So, what do we learn from this time, and what type of organizational leadership is best to keep people and organizations moving forward?  In this episode of Humans, Now and Then, I speak to Dr. Aaron Halliday, an Organizational Psychologist and the co-founder of the company Trust Included, on the benefits of Transformational Leadership, the ins and outs of personality assessments, remote work, diversity, and the impact of our highly disrupted world.

Aaron's Bio:

Aaron Halliday PhD - President, Partner & Co-Founder.

I've always wanted to help people. Growing up in a small factory community I often heard from the people around me that were working in jobs where they felt unappreciated, stuck, and without meaning. As I grew older I began my university career pursuing a degree in business and, inspired by my life experiences, I decided to pursue a career in management consulting with a PhD in Organizational Psychology. I made the decision to pursue a career in psychology because I care for others and the world in which we live and work. Over the course of my life I've held many positions (big and small, long-term and short) and I can easily identify those jobs where the management saw us as a means to an ends and those where the leadership genuinely cared about the people they hired and the community they were embedded within. I am a published author, a reviewer for the Journal of Personality and Individual Differences, a certified executive coach, and a professionally trained scientist-practitioner. My background in industrial-organizational psychology allows me to use best practices in science and evidence-based management to help organizations and individuals overcome challenges, prevent problems, and promote organizational health using a rigorous data-driven approach. I'm interested in positive organizational psychology or the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals, organizations, and communities to thrive and how these findings may be used to benefit all levels of social systems (from individuals to societies). My proactive focus on striving for healthy individual and organizational functioning goes beyond meeting the needs of your organization. It cultivates opportunities for you and your organization's members to grow and thrive.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) advocates for reductions in antibiotics given to farm animals.


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