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Jun 15, 2020

I often challenge people to create the future that they envision.  So, what does it take to envision the future, and to effectively convey that vision?  Creativity and Storytelling.  In this episode, I speak to dystopian filmmaker and author Diana Wink, about the creative process and how each of us can leverage our natural storytelling ability to help shape the future.


Diana Wink is a mountain child from the depths of middle Asia, striving to kidnap her readers into make-believe worlds in her dystopian novels on, blend the borders between past and future, and master her own curiosity. On, she shows how you can make a living writing stories and offers the free ebook “8 things successful writers do every day–learn from Hemingway, Grisham and George R. R. Martin




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German poet Freidrick von Schiller, and using rotten apples for his creative process


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