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Mar 30, 2021

We all like a great story.  A great story captures our attention, pulls us in, captures our imagination and evokes strong emotions that help us connect to the characters and their experiences.  So, how can you tell such a story about yourself or your organization? In this episode, I speak to Gordon Locke, President of Pace Communications, about the importance of effective storytelling, and how strong emotion compels us to connect to and believe in the stories that we hear.


Gordon Price Locke is a veteran of storytelling and an expert on emerging trends and technology in the brand story space. He is President on one of the largest independent agencies in North America, Pace, specializing in integrated marketing and brand story development. Gordon has served as a VP, SVP and CMO in marketing and communications roles with leading brands such as Hawaiian Airlines, Sabre/Travelocity, Rosenbluth-American Express. He began his career as a writer and photographer and his journey has taken him to 40+ countries and residencies in Washington, DC, Honolulu, Dallas and now Greensboro, NC.



Brand Attachment—Building Emotional connects Across the Customer Journey:


BB&T Bank Life Changing Decisions Video:



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