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Dec 31, 2020

What it is take to go the distance?  When the chips are down, how do we find the courage and will to continue on so that we can achieve our purpose?  In this episode, I speak with Kyle Sanders, the Founder of Legacy Consultants Group and the host of the Legacy on Purpose Podcast, about what he's learned from participating in endurance events, the importance of truly living our purpose, and how these tie into effective, meaningful leadership.


Kyle Sanders is the Founder of Legacy Consultants Group and the host of the Legacy on Purpose Podcast. He prides himself on creating significant client relationships built on a mutual alignment of values, philosophies and expectations. He believes in helping clients see the grander vision of their lives and the people they care about. His clients have chosen him as their lead advisor because of his dedication, empathy and integrity.

In his personal time, Kyle is an avid endurance runner, and enjoys spending time with his family.



Legacy on Purpose Podcast:




Kyle discussed the 29029 Everesting Event, where he participated on Stratton MT, VT. 2021 events are currently sold out, but you can learn more about the experience here:


Jessie Itzler, co-founder of 29029


Marc Hodulich, co-founder of 29029


Colin O'Brady


Mona Patel


More about the Moab 240 endurance running event


David Goggins, "Can't Hurt Me"



Ohio University study about inheritance


Dave Ramsey - Financial Health expert


Author Dr. Wayne Dyer


Jay Shetty, author of Think Like a Monk


Lewis Howes, author


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