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May 19, 2020

Are you thinking about how this time impacts our teams, our organizations, and, well, ourselves?

In this episode, I speak to Talent Optimization Specialist Megan Marini on everything from effective teams, Buddhism, empathetic leadership, and compassion, for ourselves and others.


Megan's Bio:

Megan Marini is a Talent Optimization Specialist. Megan has had the opportunity to speak and train within prestigious companies such as Mendix, Microsoft, Willis Towers Watson, Santander Bank. In addition to being a Certified Predictive Index Partner, she is Corporate Training Certified (CTC), is a Forbes Council Coach 2019, and holds a BFA from Naropa University, a Buddhist Psychology University in Boulder, Colorado. Megan applies adult learning theory to unlock hidden drives, remove friction, and build high-performing teams.





Predictive Index:


Non-profit agencies struggling during the pandemic


Importance of self-care during pandemic:


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