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Aug 27, 2020

In the age of rapidly changing technology, when we think of work productivity, we often underestimate the importance of our most critical tool: our brain. In this episode, I speak to Dr. Erik Reis, an expert in the neuroscience of human performance and productivity, about how we can work at our best and achieve tremendous productivity in a flow state.



Dr. Erik Reis is a peak-performance consultant, executive health coach, and national speaker, with over 7 years of clinical experience working with some of the most complex neurological and metabolic conditions throughout the world. He believes the connection between optimal neurological function and physical health is essential to understanding how to fully maximize brain function and cognitive performance in the workplace, which is why SHIFT takes a multifaceted approach in working with businesses and employees to optimize workplace productivity and employee engagement.


During his tenure in clinical practice, Dr. Reis continuously saw patients who were struggling with their health as a result of their job requirements and workplace environment(s), which warranted the question "How can WE make work a healthier place?" So SHIFT was created out of the necessity to help as many people as possible who are struggling with their ability to successfully be present at work and at home.