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Apr 28, 2020

Emotional intelligence is a critical component to healthy workplaces that practice psychological safety.  It is even more critical when our world has been disrupted in a way that has physically disconnected us from one another.

In this episode, I speak to Teresa Quinlan,  an Entrepreneur and the Founder of the IQ+EQ=TQ formula, where we discuss the importance of knowing ourselves well enough to have the ability to think of other people first.

Teresa's Bio:

Teresa Quinlan is a human first and an alchemist second.

She believes that the synthesis of one’s intellectual quotient (IQ), personality, and emotional quotient (EQ) is the key to breaking through one’s talent quotient (TQ).

As an Entrepreneur and Founder of her personal brand and the formula IQ+EQ=TQ, she is passionate about emotional intelligence as the key ingredient to leveraging your IQ and personality. Teresa has been focused on transforming individuals, teams and organizations to greater levels of performance since 1998 and has experienced leading teams and organizations through the highest of highs and the most challenging changes.




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